Lighting (Octane Render)

What better way to celebrate my small collection of film cameras than to recreate them in 3D? They are largely collecting dust at this point anyway.
This camera (a Voiglander Bessa) was meticulously modeled and textured over the course of a few months of late nights. Every graphic had to be recreated by hand, which involved some trial and error or matching type. Most type was Helvetica, but a couple of other faces snuck in to this model as well. Although Voigtlander was originally a German company, the name was purchased by a Japanese company (Cosina) and the models were manufactured there.

The camera itself is a poor-man's Leica, and the lens mounts take Leica glass. The major difference between the cameras is the shutter mechanism, which is a bit louder than a Leica. But you don't look nearly as much like a snob carrying this camera around as you do a Leica and image quality is still fantastic. 
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