Art Direction

2D Animation and Art Direction
 Brandon Schoessler
 David Vortriede

I was lucky enough to work on a host of the animations for for Nike. Although much of the animation can't be show as it was internal and involved some sales figures and such, we were able to post  this montage of some select stuff that is not proprietary in any way.  I was tasked with script writing, creative and art direction, CGI and 2D animation.

We collaborated with a talented illustrator (David Vortriede) to help us visualize our boards and incorporated 2D and 3D in the final illustrations with a unique look and feel. 

All of the pieces were super fun stuff to be involved with. The results were very effective for Nike and were used internally to save resources by explaining processes and workflows. This saved many hours and $$ for Nike as they were able to send these videos rather than send personnel to discuss process.
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