Creative and Art direction
Live-action direction 
3D modeling
3D and 2D Animation
Voice-over direction
Co-direction Brandon Schoessler
Editing Jeff Harshman
Writing Jeff Harshman
Cinematography Tyson Wisbrock, Kevin Fletcher
When HP came to us asking to do some feature videos for retail sales associates, we thought, "how do we keep this from being insanely boring to watch"? We knew the average sales associate was not going to remember a single thing about a typical features video long enough to actually walk out and tell a customer about it. 

So we set out to make things humorous and unexpected in a effort to jolt somebody in to remembering what HP wanted them to sell.  At the end of each piece, we listed a number of simple reminders for each sales associate to go out and pitch to would-be buyers.
The pieces were so successful that HP came back twice to produce additional videos in the same format for new technologies they were developing at the time. We had so much fun with the look of these pieces feeling as though this family was stuck in the past without HP technologies. And once they had all this new tech, they were finally able to enjoy the good life.

HP Notebook Audio

HP with Beats Audio

HP ProtectSmart

HP Wireless Audio

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